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Xerox Casted K&H For The Right Part!

August 7, 2012

We can talk all day about our casting capabilities and our “outstanding” and “high-quality” customer service. That being said, a real-life example is worth a thousand adjectives, so we thought it would be better to give you an actual case study. Which is exactly why we want to tell you our Xerox story.

Xerox is well-known across all companies and organizational platforms. With its vast array of printers, scanners, and copiers, it’s a household name in offices and business parks throughout the world. During the time that Xerox was producing a new machine line of precision printing applications, they ran into an interesting, but major, problem: their high-tech copying machines needed a detail-specific precision cast part. Who better to look to for help than K&H? Giving us the mandatory parameters, Xerox entrusted us to produce a structurally-sound casting for their machines’ applications.

It wasn’t so easy a task: we held meeting after meeting to ensure the prototype parts met the production die-cast part requirements and would also meet all stipulated product requirements. We built pattern tooling, cast aluminum parts complete with a T6 heat treatment, straightened and aged. K&H fixtured and machined the first group of parts in house to assure on-time delivery with seamless operations, and then sent additional parts to another Xerox vendor for secondary machining, to again streamline their way into production. An additional lot of castings were sent to the production overseas supplier (roughly 100 parts), which would serve as a setup and pre-production dry-run for the newest Xerox machining line. We nailed the audition—we have been supplying parts to Xerox on a recurring basis for the past two years (since they first approached us with this project). It is our role to assist our customers in bringing their products to market as quickly as possible with continual correspondence, top quality, and meeting or beating our deadlines. K&H rose to the challenge of this Xerox opportunity and we continue to play a supporting role for them. The prototype challenge was met, and the project was successful all around. Hat’s off to the competent Xerox engineers and the team here at K&H Precision Products!

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