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What is the State of American Manufacturing?

October 4, 2012

As we travel the road towards economic recovery, one message has been loud and clear — a strong manufacturing sector is essential to growing the economy. However, after a strong start in 2012, we’re reading that the pace of expansion has slowed, and some reports indicate relatively flat growth for June and July. Despite some uncertainties about the future, we, as a small business, are looking towards the general industry to show more confidence, and suggest spending a little more in America to accelerate growth in the manufacturing sector.

As consumers are increasingly attuned to the source of what they are buying, companies, especially larger companies, are engaging in ‘re-shoring,’ the process of bringing operations back from overseas. We stand behind this and believe that in addition to adding jobs in the U.S., there are other financial benefits. Companies can save on logistics, and order components in smaller quantities to save inventory costs. Smaller quantities would allow for variations in component design to customize products based on local, regional, or sector preferences. Locating production near engineering and marketing teams also sets the stage for collaboration that is crucial for innovation.

At K&H, “Made in America” innovation is the very core of our being. Our engineering expertise and prototyping craftsmanship have contributed to product development efforts in many industries. To provide additional value to both our customers and the local economy, we are in the process of seeking other small manufacturers to team up with to make available a full range of services from one convenient (U.S.A!) location.

For consumers and businesses alike, buying American products will help strengthen the American economy. As a small business, we hope that concept will help us thrive. How are the changes in manufacturing affecting you?


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