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Taking the Wheel on the Automotive Prototyping Market

November 13, 2012

In a recent blog, we broke down the prototyping process and outlined various scenarios where prototyping would be the best option for your production needs. As masters in prototyping, we have worked with clients in a variety of industries, creating prototypes for any application needed. Recently, we have noticed an upsurge in the automotive prototyping market, which has led to us producing various castings and prototypes for automotive components.Automotive component

A long-time client of ours, with whom we have worked for years in the research and development end, has chosen K&H to produce castings for their Throttle Body program. The company is continually perusing less fuel consumption through controlling air flows in internal combustion engines in automotive, marine, and truck applications. When they approached us about working with them on these components, they knew from experience we certainly had the capabilities and knowledge to create the exact products they needed. To begin, they presented us with the precise geometry needed, allowing us to work on tooling needed to produce the aluminum castings that would fit these specifications. The throttle bodies have been through multiple design changes and are constantly being tested for fit and function. Since modifications need to be made to the parts throughout the process, we created castings using our soft tooling process for fast and economical modifications, so the concepts can be tested, proven, and tweaked until they feel the concept has been maximized. Prototypes allow this to be a continuous manufacturing process until the precise part requirements are met!

A supplier of windshield wiper systems we have worked with in the past is another example of the upsurge in automotive component Automotive componentprototypes. We have been producing specifically what the customer has designed, again allowing them to make the required motor housings, windshield wiper arms, gear boxes, and other components for the wiper systems they need to fit the continuously changing automotive market. We provide them, as well as all of our customers, with the capabilities to offer dozens of different parts and styles with various finishes, on a turnkey basis.

Not only can we help you decide whether or not prototype casting is the appropriate manufacturing process for your needs, but we can produce them rapidly in any quantity—for those automotive, consumer, medical needs, or any component, case cover or part. Let K&H help put your part in your hands!

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