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A New Year’s Outlook on American Manufacturing

December 10, 2012

It’s no surprise that, as American manufacturers, we take pride in “Made in the USA” and we continue to watch the reshoring and manufacturing trends in our industry. As the year wraps up and we look ahead to the future of manufacturing, there are a few factors that stand out for us and a few goals we hope manufacturing can achieve.

Positive manufacturing expectations

It’s encouraging to see a surge in positive news throughout a variety of industries, including those of our customers. Specifically, it seems the automotive industry is doing well, medical equipment manufacturers are gearing up for growth, and the HVAC industry (boilers and furnaces, included) are experiencing progress because of increased demand in energy-conserving equipment. With these advancements we will hope to see a spike in manufacturing jobs.

Hopes for manufacturing

Ultimately, we hope that there is stability in the economy. This can begin with “Made in the USA” becoming more than a trend; rather, we hope to foster the idea that American manufacturing and reshoring is here to stay. It’s encouraging to watch as new technologies are brought into the production process, aiding in the growth of manufacturing. We look forward to seeing how these new technologies can continue to positively affect manufacturing. Additionally, it is imperative to drive consumer confidence with steady customer service and high product quality. These factors combined can help level off the economy at a high rate.

K&H’s Goals

Of course, our plan is to contribute to the rise of American manufacturing. Not only are we looking into new technologies in order to strengthen our company (such as 5-axis machining and casting and foundry enhancements), but we are also looking forward to growth around us. Here in the Rochester area, high-tech schools are filling the needs of manufacturing jobs—it’s essential to the success of our economy that this continues nationwide.

We continue to work hard and contribute to the national manufacturing sector, helping our economy get back on track. As the new year approaches, we are preparing for a successful year and look forward to the challenges ahead. From us to you, here’s to a happy new year for American manufacturing!

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