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Come to K&H for your Low Volume Order!

March 28, 2013

At K&H Precision, we give our low volume orders a high level of importance. With our foundation rooted in prototypes, we specialize in low volume productions, allowing for quick change tooling and saved programs for our customers. Unlike many other manufacturing companies, we welcome orders of all sizes. We use the Kan-Ban system in order to ensure our customers get the products they need at the right time and for the right price.

What is Kan-Ban?

Kan-Ban is a logistical system in which products are supplied based on demand. The producer keeps products inventoried so that they can be ready when customers need them. This allows for just-in-time delivery to be possible.

Why Kan-Ban?

Implementing Kan-Ban lets us supply low volume orders efficiently and effectively. It eliminates lead times, allows for an internal inventory system, and lowers the price for our customers.

Inventory assistance programs, like Kan-Ban and Demand Pull systems, are attractive to producers and customers alike because they offer flexibility while guaranteeing orders. As seen in this article, it is a production system that has been around for decades, and has grown throughout industry.

At K&H, our Kan-Ban orders are based on time. For instance, you could order parts for six months and we will keep them inventoried during that period. Whenever you need parts during that time, we will have them ready for just-in-time delivery. Kan-Ban allows our customers to order when they actually need parts instead of having to order in bulk. This lets you avoid having to store products that won’t be used for months. Customers that place Kan-Ban orders also receive discounted prices. Even though the order will be spread out between months, we price it as if it were one large order. Essentially, it is a low volume item with a large volume mentality. Find out what we “Kan” do for you!

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