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Why Prototyping may be the Right Choice for You

September 12, 2012

Prototype: a first full-scale and usually functional form of a new type or design of a construction.

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the process of prototyping is the creation of an original model of a product. However, since we work with our customers in developing their parts, we know first hand that prototyping is more of a valuable and involved process, including the ability to roll the result into a pre-production run of parts or in a lower volume scenario, that have tooling investments to carry them through their production needs.

At what point in your manufacturing process are prototypes essential and cost-worthy? Some of the more important questions in the prototyping decision-making process include what casting, prototypeare the possible key elements you may have overlooked, what is your production investment for tooling your product, what is your level of confidence in your design and with your potential loss, and is your time frame critical to launch your product on the first attempt? Some pointed important reasons to opt for prototypes would be:

  1. You aren’t 100% confident in your design. Don’t compromise production tooling with potential modifications. For a fraction of the cost, prototypes can test for fit and function, testing, ergonomics and cosmetics. If the fit and function of your parts call for very specific tolerances or other specifications, prototypes are a much better option to start with.
  2. You are on a tight schedule. Prototypes help to speed products to market, and modifications are much easier and faster to accomplish on a urethane tool.
  3. You have a low scenario production run. Since die and production casting involves expensive, long lead time tooling, urethane or wood pattern tooling (soft tooling) is more economical, and lead times are shorter, getting parts in your hand faster.
  4. Your production intent is matched up well with Permanent mold or Die casting.
  5. Speed: Prototyping and soft tooling can take two weeks to produce while die casting tooling can take months to produce. You can use the prototypes to set up your production lines and machining while the die cast tools are still in production, along with getting your marketing under way.

Does prototyping sound like the right option for you? See what services we offer to help you on the road to your right parts!


Xerox Casted K&H For The Right Part!

August 7, 2012

We can talk all day about our casting capabilities and our “outstanding” and “high-quality” customer service. That being said, a real-life example is worth a thousand adjectives, so we thought it would be better to give you an actual case study. Which is exactly why we want to tell you our Xerox story.

Xerox is well-known across all companies and organizational platforms. With its vast array of printers, scanners, and copiers, it’s a household name in offices and business parks throughout the world. During the time that Xerox was producing a new machine line of precision printing applications, they ran into an interesting, but major, problem: their high-tech copying machines needed a detail-specific precision cast part. Who better to look to for help than K&H? Giving us the mandatory parameters, Xerox entrusted us to produce a structurally-sound casting for their machines’ applications.

It wasn’t so easy a task: we held meeting after meeting to ensure the prototype parts met the production die-cast part requirements and would also meet all stipulated product requirements. We built pattern tooling, cast aluminum parts complete with a T6 heat treatment, straightened and aged. K&H fixtured and machined the first group of parts in house to assure on-time delivery with seamless operations, and then sent additional parts to another Xerox vendor for secondary machining, to again streamline their way into production. An additional lot of castings were sent to the production overseas supplier (roughly 100 parts), which would serve as a setup and pre-production dry-run for the newest Xerox machining line. We nailed the audition—we have been supplying parts to Xerox on a recurring basis for the past two years (since they first approached us with this project). It is our role to assist our customers in bringing their products to market as quickly as possible with continual correspondence, top quality, and meeting or beating our deadlines. K&H rose to the challenge of this Xerox opportunity and we continue to play a supporting role for them. The prototype challenge was met, and the project was successful all around. Hat’s off to the competent Xerox engineers and the team here at K&H Precision Products!

Service and Solutions at K&H Precision

July 12, 2012

Yes, we at K&H Precision are a bit obsessed with customer service. We believe that a company is nothing without its clients, and the best way to keep clients coming back is quality service and dedication. We are proud to provide countless clients with the fastest results: and we never sacrifice quality. After all, we know you need the work done promptly, and we do all we can to meet your timing requirements and your exacting standards.

We also make everything as easy and convenient as possible, and this recent project is a perfect example. For a new client, we made a SolidModel design, which we then broke down into separate machine drawings. To make things extra easy, we supplied the customer with a full tool package, so they could replace components as needed—since nothing was proprietary, our client had unlimited options. It was as simple as it was first-rate.

For another project, a customer supplied us with a product design, from which we created pattern tooling in Solid Geometry. We then CNC machined the pattern tooling out of urethane board, which went into our foundry, where we made aluminum castings. While performing casting clean up, in-house heat treatment, and final preparation for secondary machining, we were busy writing CNC machine programs using MasterCam software, building machining fixtures, and setting up for the next step. To verify dimensional integrity while all this was happening, we again used state-of-the-art software— PC-DMIS— to write the inspection program, which can be run in any of our three Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs). With all this work running seamlessly through K&H, we were able to provide our customer with their requested 9 to 15 parts in an exceptionally timely manner.

These are only two examples of how we ensure our customers get what they need, when they need it. We invite you to visit our website,, to learn more about we do.

Consistent Quality, Happy Customers

June 7, 2012

For almost 30 years, K&H Precision has been passionately providing our customers with the highest quality manufacturing and design.  Specializing in prototyping and low volume production, what’s truly most important to us is the satisfaction of each and every customer.  It’s not about quantity, but quality, and that’s a word we take seriously.

While other companies won’t hesitate to tell their customers what they want to hear, we make promises we can and do keep, and never the opposite.  If you need a project done in an unrealistic time frame, we will be honest with you.  We are true to our word and keep our loyal clients consistently happy.  That being said, we proudly deliver results as quickly as possible.

As a one-stop shop for parts and components, we use the most sophisticated software available to expertly perform design and machining services, and we offer a variety of castings in our foundry.  We also help lead our customers to what will best serve their needs by providing guidance, assistance, and advice along the way.   It’s not just about what we can do for them, but about what we help them accomplish, in a fast, cost-effective manner.

One recent project that exemplifies this is our work designing and building Ultrasonic and hot plate tooling for a client.  It was a sizable project with a two week lead time, for which we had designed and built the tooling.  Once finished, we loaded it into the machine and it worked on the first try.  The customer was very pleased with the fast, accurate results.   We delivered what we promised, and that makes us happy each and every time.

For the latest updates, be sure to check back often. For more information, please visit our website!

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